Friday, March 20, 2009

Jackson is holding Kameron's Action Man Award. As most of you know we own a franchise of Action Coach where Kameron is a business coach. He recently went to the North American Conference and won an award for helping others (He coaches about 25 other coaches to help them grow their Action Coaching Business as well as his own clients) Any way he won this award and they gave him an action man figure. Apparently they are rare and worth some money. It will now be my challenge to keep him looking like new and not loosing any pieces with boys anxious to play with him. Yikes!

Today we went to Jackson's Grandparents program at school. I went with Luci (even though I'm not a grandparent) and it was so great! They sang songs quoted poems and it was truely wonderful. I have been to a number of programs in my day and let me tell you they are not all wonderful. Jackson was so cute. Don't worry he sang all of his songs for grandma and grandpa Cook when they were here last time so they didn't totally miss out. Great job Jackson. We loved it.